Denver Nuggets

Vegas Over/Under: 45.5

Fromal’s Record Projection: 48 The Bet: Above with confidence
When Nikola Jokic re-entered the starting lineup on December 15, everything clicked.
From there forward, the Denver Nuggets submitted the league’s best offensive evaluation (113.3). And though they were unusually porous (league-worst 111.9 defensive evaluation ), they still outscored their foes and claimed themselves as a legitimate danger to make the playoffs.
Now, they are better—by a good deal.
Paul Millsap is a perfect fit next to Jokic, gracing the Nuggets along with his defensive acumen and flexible offensive play. He provides the Mile High City a second top-25 participant, and his presence immediately creates one of the NBA’s most dangerous frontcourt pairings.
How will opponents handle departure coming from many distinct places in 2017-18? How will they counteract the offensive excellence when a legitimate defensive stalwart is making Jokic’s life easier?
Along with the frontcourt is not the only reason for unmitigated optimism.
Gary Harris enjoys tremendous synergy with Jokic and is coming off a breakout season. He should continue emerging as one of the Association’s better 2-guards, and he is joined by another high-upside backcourt member in Jamal Murray.
Losing Danilo Gallinari hurts, and the Nuggets failed to consolidate their resources. However, this is a deep group overflowing with talent in many different positions.

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