UFC 196: Betting Odds and Predictions

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz might not be the superfight we had been anticipating, but it’s certainly one of the very exciting matchups we might have expected to see as MMA lovers. UFC 196 won’t just feature McGregor vs Diaz, it will also see Holly Holm place her bantamweight title at stake for the very first time when she chooses on Miesha Tate.
Conor McGregor (-400) vs Nate Diaz (+300)
We’ve got the featherweight champion taking on the ranked lightweight in a welterweight battle. Yeah, this fight will be a little weird.
McGregor makes his initial appearance from the Octagon since dusting Jose Aldo in 13 minutes to win the featherweight title. Considering joining the UFC back in 2013, McGregor is 7-0 with half of the victories coming through stoppage.
Much has been made of McGregor’s striking style along with the devastating knockout power the Irishman owns. His standup game is based within a vertical posture which allows McGregor to throw his kicks without exerting surplus time or energy. He’s become an expert at using his kicks to make the distance that he can use to open his arsenal of attacks. The swiftness and brutality of these attacks are unparalleled in MMA today.
The largest question mark in this battle is dimensions. McGregor is fighting 170 pounds for the first time in his career; a jump of 25 lbs in contrast to his last struggle, and will be at a hit disadvantage for the very first time inside the UFC. ‘The Notorious One’ consistently held a distinct advantage in size at the lower weight classes, but Nate is roughly four inches taller and includes a two-inch achieve advantage.
Diaz possesses a fighting style that is uniquely suited to him along with his brother Nick. He’s a volume boxer first and foremost on his feet, meaning he cries in bunches and enjoys to be competitive. The Stockton-native is good at maintaining his distance, quickly moving into throw a flurry and then return to space. Diaz pairs his striking skills with a phenomenal floor game that has led to 11 of the 18 career wins coming via entry.
Despite his strong ground game, Diaz is not able to truly utilize it thanks to some poor wrestling game. It seems that Diaz will frequently try to taunt his opponents to a location where they go to the takedown and that he will do his job. Though his striking game is strong, it is far from ideal since it entails a simple attack with couple of unpredictable elements.
Can Diaz submit McGregor? Yes. Will he get the opportunity to? Not likely.
This is expected to be a standup affair although Diaz is a competent striker, he fails to have the same degree of skills that McGregor does. Conor has good movement abilities, which should help him overcome his attain disadvantage and pick up the win in this one.

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