UFC231 Betting Tips & Plays

Max Holloway Breakdown: Unfounded worries on Holloway’s health appear to have gifted us a gambling line with a lot of value. On the feet it is the quantity and diverse technique of Holloway that is going to be the narrative of the fight. Each round he ought to be able to rack up points and harm on the much more passive Ortega, who tends to cover up and search for the slower but more powerful blows. The leg kicks in Holloway will be crucial, as Ortega has an extremely bad record for defending this assault. Movement and takedown defense will want to be on point, however, as Ortega’s route to victory is clearly at the grappling department. Luckily, Holloway has displayed incredible takedown defense in recent years and it is Ortega who’ll need some new tricks to find the battle down. Look for Holloway’s cardio vascular and quantity to wear down Ortega for decision triumph or a late stoppage.
Bet = Holloway at 2.00 (+100) odds. Risk 3 Units to win 3.00 Units.
Kyle Bochniak Breakdown: Bochniak is proving himself to be a wise fighter capable of fixing his style to push an advantage. He’s got incredible durability and heart and will bring the fight to his rival for three rounds. Dawodu is a hyped yet dangerous prospect who carries a lot of power. Still developing his experience, his struggle IQ will get him tough spots that Bochniak can capitalise on. Anticipate a close battle over three rounds with the toughness and volume of Bochniak which makes the gap on the scorecards.
Bet = Bochniak at 2.60 (+160) odds. Risk 3 Units to win 4.80 Units.
Elias Theodorou Breakdown: Anders design lacks volume on the toes as is the type of fighter that depends on the kill shot. Furthermore he desires his wrestling for pressure, which will not be helpful in this matchup. Theodorou’s point battling mode means he strikes in a high rate and will easily out-volume Anders. His defensive wrestling ought to keep himself out of the clinch and offensively he could even control some time on the floor himself. In font of the home judges and audience we enjoy Theodorou inside this matchup to dancing about Anders and have a decision victory.
Bet = Theodorou at 1.80 (-125) chances. Risk 4 Units to win 3.20 Units.
Gilbert Burns Breakdown: Burns brings a dangerous grappling style into this game that ought to negate OAM’s most important strength, takedowns. Whether this fight hits the ground it’s Burns who is more inclined to grab a submission and discover an early finish. OAM relies on the threat of the takedown and lacks the standing technique and volume against aggressive opponents. Burns should seem to invitation scrambles if required, but on the toes he is the more difficult hitter with the greater output.
Bet = Burns in 2.15 (+115) odds. Risk 3 Units to acquire 3.45 Units.
Matthew Lopez Breakdown: Lopez brings a quick wrestling style which may win him the first few rounds in this fight. Katona is nicely rounded but doesn’t have trusted takedown defense. He ought to be open to Lopez’s design and spend a good deal of time on his back. Historically Lopez has not displayed the best cardio however he is lasting. The line is broad enough for a bet given that the advantages though.
Bet = Lopez in 2.62 (+162) odds. Risk 3 Units to win 3.86 Units.
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